Confused Soul Poem (EN)

lose my breath when I don't know what to do
It's exhausting so I used to think I'm over you
My mind is wiped by some imaginary treasures I had
My soul is taken by wind as I thought I was mad

Everything I needed was enough time to think
But somebody came and suddenly I didn't have anything
My heart beats in the slow recovery rhytm, too slow
My body takes chances to show we are both too dumb to know

Sick beats and lovely melodies line my life to see
That I'm the only one who really puts up with me
My home feels like cinnamon tea, too cold to drink
My room seems like nobody lives there, I sink

Imagine we all could live what we want to live
It would surely be the best possibility
Anything could happen, but nobody bothers
Our dreams would come true and we'd be positive
I am sure that from time to time we believe
We all are in the same ring, but in different corners

Find your destiny and follow it to its goal
That's why we should live this life though we fall
Feel the loving hands of the love and God
I'd have the bestest time I've ever got


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